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Bike Packing

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Bike Packing


Gravel and Bike Packing are long time travel companions, because they incorporate the great outdoors and self-sufficient travel!

The modern version of the horse is the bicycle and, as in the past, just like horses who were also dedicated to transport; even the bicycles that travel on dusty roads have these characteristic in their DNA.

To help us in our gravel adventures and discovery we have joined up with Michele and Valentina of Miss Grape, an Italian company that produces bicycle bags and which has accompanied numerous cyclists, #missgrapepeople, on their adventures, including as extreme cyclist Omar di Felice and for the more attentive, even Jovanotti, where some Miss Grape bags appear in the documentary “I don't want to change planet” . 

The perfect Bike Packing

It important to carry stuff with you when you go bike packing, even if it’s just for one day of cycling. Every cyclist must have with them, even for just one day, some basic equipment to ensure they are prepared and safe. Some of these items include:

  • wallet
  • phone
  • energy bar
  • Windproof / light jacket 
  • Gloves

Often these objects are kept in the back pockets of jerseys which is inconvenient to and annoying. When used with gravel bikes, we are not so desperately concerned with aero sleekness but more for the pleasure of spending a day on the bike. Hence, it is ideal to equip the bike with a mini-bag such as the Internode or the Moon:  both bags do not hinder the pedalling and unlike classic adventure bike packing are not cluttering.

What if we want to go for more days ?

Preparing a bicycle for a multi-day trip involves first of all a good preparation of yourself and also of your bike and equipment that you plan on taking. When you seem to have prepared everything necessary, take off half of it!

A bike trip relying on the possibility of staying overnight in structures such as hotels, pensions and hostels, simplifies many things because the bulk of your luggage is determined by the tent. So, let's focus ourselves to some tips for a less adventurous trip, without the tent!

Rule number 1 : take advantage of hotel laundries or self-service laundries. As soon as you arrive at your destination, arrange for a washing of used clothes during the day and the night before, this will allow you not have to carry too many clothes with you!

When bike packing, we distribute the luggage over 4 bags:

  • A rear bag, the 7-liter Cluster in which we will put:
    • a pair of shoes when you stop (which can stay tied out of the bag)
    • a sweatshirt/jumper, light rain coat and a heavy jacket,
    • first aid kit.

This bag is quick to open and remove and therefore is also convenient to carry when stepping away from the bicycle.

  • A front bag, the Tendril, the necessary for the night, does not open while pedalling:
    • two t-shirts
    • a pair of light trousers or shorts for the evening
    • socks and underwear
    • toiletries
    • a possible sleeping bag or liner
  • A frame bag, the Internode 3. This is our best ally for travel, always accessible even on the go:
    • food and snacks for the trip
    • arm warmers
    • gloves
    • windstopper
    • bike repair kit
  • A frame / handlebar bag like the Node. Here we can put:
    • Phone, camera, power bank, charger
    • Sunglasses, snacks, gels, etc
    • Wallet

Just to make sure all your goodies stay nice and dry, all our bags are waterproof and water resistant!

It is amazing with how little; how much you can discover

Daily Rental

Daily Rental

A day of gravel, just to mix things up a bit.

39 €
3-hours Rental

3-hours Rental

A great way to try out gravel bike riding and to get familiar with the different terrain.

30 €

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